Who We Are

bluebloc has been designing and developing digital experiences since 2003. We are a creative digital studio based in Dublin, Ireland, specialising in digital, web design and web development, social media applications, online strategy and targeted digital campaigns. We service clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Our team is comprised of creative thinkers, each talented in multiple disciplines. Together, our expertise and experience impacts the projects we choose, the clients we work with and the solutions we deliver. We are always proactively working to identify emerging industry and technology based trends to identify new ways for you to engage with your customers and prospects.

Our Process


In the discovery / planning stage Bluebloc will work with the client to identify the key elements of the website, different user types, and all necessary calls to action. We will develop a functional specification, requirements analysis and site-map. All design and content elements will be collated. This will include existing content, logos, photographs and audio-visual content.


The design stage is made up of wire-framing, mock-up designs and a thorough review and approval cycle. Bluebloc will initially create wire-frames for the purpose of arranging web page elements to best accomplish the goals agreed in the discovery stage. The wireframe depicts the page layout or arrangement of the website’s content, including interface elements and navigational systems, and how they work together. We will create wireframes for the home page, landing pages and inner page templates.


Once the homepage mock-up designs have been agreed the development stage starts in earnest. The CMS is installed and page templates are created for each page type (home, landing, listing, category and single pages). All agreed special features and functionality are built into the templates. All content, both new and from the old site, is transferred into the CMS. All links and functionality are tested and verified before the site is submitted for final approval.


Once the development phase is completed we are ready to transfer the site from the user acceptance testing environment to the live server. Final checks, tests and bug fixes are completed and the site launches or goes live. In the post-launch phase full CMS documentation and training are delivered. CMS training takes place and the agreed ongoing website maintenance service level agreement comes into force. We will back-up the website every regularly and test every 6 months.

Some of our Clients